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Tsikoudia Kriton Apostagma

Unique quality from the blend of Cretan grape varieties.

By choosing the best grapes from various Cretan varieties such as kotsyfali, mantilari, liatiko and romeiko, we create a unique and authentic distillate with a rich and natural flavor. Tsikoudia is produced exclusively in Greece, with the guarantee and recognition of the European Union, as it is a product with origin and protected geographical indication.

Nowadays tsikoudia is gaining more and more young people, who turn to their roots, looking for traditional Greek values, authentic flavors and rich aromas. They discover from the outset the pure, exquisite character of this traditional drink. Tsikoudia looks like the country that discovered it, it endures over time, changes, adapts, without ever losing its pure, authentic character

You can find Kriton Apostagma in bottles of 100, 200, 350 and 500 ml with an alcoholic strength of 40% vol.