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Xirosterni is a village in the municipality of Apokoronas, of the regional unit of Chania, in the region of Crete. It is located at an altitude of 260 meters. It is 29 kilometers from Chania and is located east of Vamos with panoramic views of the Cretan Sea and the imposing White Mountains (Leuka Ori).

From Vamos, the road continues to the east and passes through a group of small villages, embedded in a wonderful natural environment and with a well preserved local folk architecture. The Xirosterni, built around the interesting temple of Christ, in honor of which a genuine folk festival takes place on the 5th and 6th August, maintains better than any other village, it’s traditional character, with many old houses.

Xirosterni is the birthplace of one of the most legendary faces of the musical tradition of Crete, and one of the “fathers” of modern Cretan music, Charilaos Piperakis or Charilaos Kritikos, who was born in the village in 1895.